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Abe Books Video Library Series Offers Up Book Stuffs and Coctails

Chances are if you’re a writer, you love to read and you love books.  Listening to other book lovers, avid readers, and book experts, is entertaining, fills us with ongoing knowledge, reminds us of things we may have forgotten, and inspires us to read and to write.

Finding reliable resource communities isn’t always easy. When you find one that offers a variety of resources to pick and choose from, it’s a keeper, and it makes you want to share.  Especially if this resource loves to add plays on words and other fun, sometimes off the wall, additions like how to make a cocktail in their true thirst addition video accompanying The Best Books and Booze Pairings by Richard Davies. I’d like to share one resource that has been a wonderful distraction for those down-time moments where you want to fill yourself with book stuffs, people, and places, without actually reading or writing.

Abe Books has a growing library of videos on YouTube that shed light on topics from why old books smell the way they do to knowing how to spot a first addition.  Their book reviews offer more than your average adjective laden summary.  Among their varied topics, you can enjoy field trips exploring the world of books, where you can travel book stores and antiquarian book fairs from all over the world.  If you’re up for a bit of fun, entertain yourself with games like literary pictionary and literary charades accompanied by a link to the answers.  It’s a cornucopia of fascinating short videos that offer readers and writers fascinating information and fun on their favorite things… books and authors.

I’ve chosen to showcase three unique videos and hope that this prompts you to check out more from their playlists. 

Here’s an AbeBooks video from their AbeBooks visits playlist, where they go on field-trips exploring the world of books, from San Francisco to Brussels. 

Abebooks Author Profiles offers up a video on some crazy cool things about Roald Dahl’s life, and where they can be found in his books.

And, last but not least, for fellow book sniffers like myself, here is a video you won’t want to miss called Why Do Old Books Smell from AbeBooks’ Rare and Collectible Books playlist.