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Man at the Bus Stop on Halloween

The others, of course,
are more rabid than he

but less apt to show it.

Whenever he strikes,

he never romps off.

He stands with the wrist

that he's snatched

from the lady

tight in his teeth

as he waits with a smile

for the wagon.

He's one of the few

wrist-snatchers still

on the streets of Chicago,

and he makes
 his rounds
in old tennies.

His technique is simple:

He dives for the purse hand,

gives it a whack, and severs

the wrist 
without slobber,  
then stands like a Vatican Guard

with the 
wrist in his teeth
he is certain
he has no pursuers.

At night in his dreams he sees

the women 
whose wrists
he has 
held in his teeth.
They stand at the bus stop

Statues of Liberty,
shrieking and waving

their stumps like flares.

He prays
their screams
will bring to a frieze

the patrol cars 
in the middle 
of the street. 

-- Donal Mahoney