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Sir Real

Brett and Amanda were
in the same wedding party.
He was best man,
bronze and handsome.
She was maid of honor,
porcelain and beautiful.
They had a wonderful day

and danced all night
at the reception, met
after work every night
for the next two weeks,
finally told her parents
they were going to elope,
obtained a marriage license,

arranged a honeymoon
in Paris and London,
bought plane tickets,
packed their bags
and were on their way to
the justice of the peace
for a fast wedding

when Amanda asked
if there was anything
she could do for Brett
once they were wed
and Brett said there was:
She could applaud when
he walked into a room,

smile and curtsy, speak
only when spoken to.
His first two wives
had failed to do that
and those marriages
had ended quickly.
He hoped she understood.

-- Donal Mahoney