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Vocabulary Test

"Twit or twerp,
that is the question,"
said the turtle
very worried
to another turtle
checking his iPad
in the student center.
"You're either
a twit or twerp.
Which is it?
That is the question.
I have to know.
There's a vocabulary
test tomorrow."

The other turtle said,
"I'm a twerp, I guess,
because I'm a male.
Only a male can be a twerp.
It takes a female to be a twit."

The turtle 
very worried
checked his iPhone,
paused and said,
"I met a twit the other day.
She had a buxom shell
and legs to crawl for.
We had breakfast together
on the football field,
dandelions au dew.
It looked like a great date
till I met her roommate.
Turned out to be a snapper.
What a ditz!"

-- Donal Mahoney