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Your Encounter with The Rose

Tall, sleek, solitary
it catches your eye from across the room
and lures you closer
entrancing you with organic splendor

Luscious, showy petals steal your breath as they seduce you
to slither the tip of your nose against its silky red smoothness
until your insides tingle from inhaling its fresh, delicate fragrance  

Enamored, you reach over with one hand and grab the stem tightly from the glass vase
pricking the pad of your finger on one of the many tiny thorns
that are hidden by the welcoming sundry leafs that extend in a range of directions
and are only visible to those that are bold enough to take a closer look

You instinctually draw the cut on your finger to your lips in an attempt to stop the bleeding
as the potent, unmistakable taste of blood on your tongue snaps you back to reality
by reminding you how dangerous it can be
 to feel alive

You resist the temptation to place the rose next to your heart
and reluctantly return it to the heavy, translucent support structure that enables it to proudly stand upright
Retracting, you continue to admire the truest symbol of love and beauty
from afar

— Lisa Cappiello