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Interior Design Stairs With Style

We’re all looking for extra storage in our homes. Interior design and architecture doesn’t always seem like it can help this solution, at least not while providing us with a style that suits us.  In fact  the design of our homes, especially those of small space, often feel as though they are working against us and our lives can seem bogged down with our special things that ultimately get called clutter because there is nowhere to put those items. One space you might have wished could be used in this fashion, can actually be turned into fantastic storage space. Your stairs. By dual purposing a main feature of your home, like your staircase, you’ve opened a whole new world of possibilities.

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Art Directors Club of Denver Paper Fashion Show Winning Design

Last month on A Hat for All seasons featured an article on the annual ADCD (Art Directors Club of Denver) Paper Fashion Show.  We focussed on the incredible hats that were created for the runway.  We wanted to find out more about this fundraising event and about the group behind the winning creation.  

Stephanie Hunn Ingraham, graphic and web designer, artist, and illustrator for siyo, was kind enough to chat with us about the show and to give us some behind the scenes information.

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Butterfly Easter Eggs

A friend of mine came across a page that showcased photos of a dozen butterfly eggs and said, “This would make a great Easter egg hunt.” It certainly would. While not as easy as finding hard boiled, decorated Easter eggs on the lawn, it is an egg hunt that should be taken seriously. These careful scavenger hunts could take place in a variety of locations across the world and proceeds could help benefit butterfly habitats and migrations. I’d go, and would even take my kids (who are older of course). This got me thinking about the gorgeous Easter eggs that people take the time to decorate. It comes as no surprise that Easter eggs are often decorated with butterflies. Butterflies are synonymous with

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