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Book Review: “Digging In” by Ric Amante

Sixty poems:  all compelling, all with a feeling of completeness about them, all fresh.  But “Digging In” is not just another slim book of good poems, it is a good book, well and thoughtfully constructed.  Case in point, the opener, “Passage”, first line:

And love will grind your bones…

 I read that and had to read on.  What I found was sometimes gritty, sometimes profound, sometimes fantastic and once even reminiscent of “Casey at the Bat.”  All poems were refreshing, challenging - laden with the reasons I love poetry.  

This is a tightly constructed book, thoroughly enjoyable.  I highly recommend it and suggest you get your copy NOW.  

“Digging In”, by Ric Amante, Shires Press, 2010

Available Online from Northshire Bookstore